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Our Wedding Vows

Our Wedding Vows

dany and tris

Wedding vows can be some of the most intimate words you share in front of a crowd of people. Our friends told us to publish ours to inspire others, so here they are.

Danyelle’s Vows


You are the weirdest person I have ever met.

It wasn’t until you came into my life that I realized that we are not meant to be ‘normal’ — it’s not memorable to blend in. You helped me see that we are here to smile, make friends, and take time to discover things that I had never noticed before. You teach me that life is not a rush, and to treasure the moments that can be so easy to ignore.

We met at a time when we were discovering who we were and what we wanted out of life. We were teenagers, unsure of the world outside, but our eyes were wide and we were ready to take on anything. My entire adult life has been spent hand-in-hand with a person who leaps into the unknown with a giant smile and an open heart.

After 11 years together, I’m still intrigued by you every day. When you dance any chance you get. When you stop to pet every dog you walk past. When you take way too long to order at a restaurant because you’re cracking jokes with the waiter. No one is a stranger when you’re around.

The word ‘Love’ is so freely used; it’s sometimes hard to remember what it signifies. For example, I love your obsession with orange-scented soap, I love how all of your accents sound like an angry Norwegian/Australian hybrid, I even love that you have an entire folder of pictures that you’ve taken of me while I’m sleeping.

But to say that I love you would be an understatement. The way you make me feel when you look at me, when you encourage me, when you put your hand on my back, and yes, even when you freestyle rap for me — there is no one word that can describe it.

I’m inspired by your creativity, and I’m delighted by your optimism.

Yes, I do love you. But I also adore you, I cherish you, I admire you, I choose you.

Tristan, I promise to value your uniqueness, and I vow to recognize joy in every day we spend together.

This very moment symbolizes something we’ve already known for a long time: That our partnership is something special. That when we are together, we light up the world — we laugh hysterically, we create, we share, we hug.

If our lives together so far are an indication of our future, I can’t wait to see how much weirder things get.

Tristan’s Vows

My dearest danyelle, Dany, lover, BB, Partner, rock, sweetie, boo, babe, tookie tookie, doodie head, ding Dong, Afro puff, pocohantus, mad dawg, Crazy legs, and Scorpion eye

I thought about my vows for so many hours. I considered every option: singing you a song, doing two flash mobs, making hundreds, if not thousands, of bad jokes and setting the world record, and so many other truly brilliant ideas.

But at the end of the day I wanted to stick to my heart and the vows I wrote on a cold sidewalk in San Francisco with tears of love dripping down my cheeks.

But first a poem…

Danyelle dearest

I made you a song

This one will go all night long

I found you

I love you

Green eggs and ve-gan

You’ve always been the best bakers wo-man

Long you’ve known

The adventures we’d go

Across the shining sea

And here we are

Not really that far

Making a small world wild and free



You get more beautiful every single day

And if you call life a journey

I’d call the last 11 years a transformation

We’ve come a long long way since being two teenagers liking each other more than like just a few miles from here

And you may think I’ve been the most open minded and adventurous

But I think you have

Because transforming isn’t just something you do on the outside, but the inside too

You may have always known what you wanted but you sure couldn’t have predicted where we’d be

And because of that you are stronger

And you did it with elegance and grace

You’ve stolen my heart again and again

You’ve taught me to be a better partner, a better person

You’ve overcame and understood beyond imagine

And most of all

More than anything else

You are standing here right now

And you’ve been standing here for as long as I can remember

You have never given up

And I will never give up on you…

For the next 100 years

I will be your shoulder to lean on

I will be your friend

I will be your lover

Your life partner

Your doodie head (if that’s what you want to call me)

I will be here

For you

Holding your hand


No matter what…

I love you Dany

tristan pollock and danyelle ludwig walk down the aisle
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