Help Us Find Our Next Home

Danyelle and Tristan Pollock

We have been traveling the world for over 1.5 years, visited 55 countries, and traveled over 100,000 miles. At the beginning of 2020 we are finally planning to come home. But where is home?

We grew up in the beautiful North of the United States in Minnesota. We lived for almost six years on the West Coast in San Francisco. We’ve even spent short stints in Fargo, New Zealand, and Milwaukee. Now we are ready for our next chapter.

We want our next home to be many things, some of which are:

  1. Close to Nature — can we easily go swimming or hiking on a daily basis? Is the air clean? Can we grow a garden in our backyard? Dog friendly?

  2. Near a Cultural Hub — will we be inspired by the people and ideas around us? Is art welcomed? Are there interesting organizations to work with?

  3. Open-Minded Community — are there loving, caring and empathetic people there? Are different ways of thinking and living respected and embraced?

If you think you know the place, we are taking suggestions. Vote below by filling out the form, or email us your suggestion directly at

Thanks for helping us find our next home!



Tell us what city, region or country we should consider making our next home, and why!
We need to know who to thank if we choose your suggestion!
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Top 10 Most Suggested

  1. Vancouver area (including Squamish)

  2. Twin Cities metro area (honorable mention to Minneapolis)

  3. Denver

  4. Berlin

  5. Portland

  6. Bali

  7. Black Rock City, Burning Man (Fly Ranch)

  8. Lisbon

  9. Reno

  10. Seattle