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Must-Use Travel Apps for 2018

Must-Use Travel Apps for 2018

We have been on the road for all of 2018 and this is a short-list of travel apps that we think are super useful.

  • Grabr — get your travel paid for by bringing products for locals.

  • Service — automatically get cash for delayed and canceled flights.

  • Google Trips — plan your whole trip with data pulled from your inbox.

  • Hopper — track flight prices.

  • Airbnb — find unique, inexpensive and inspiring places to stay.

  • HipCamp — like Airbnb, but for camping, glamping and campgrounds.

  • Hitlist — find killer flight deals.

  • HeadOut — find amazing things to do last minute.

  • Recharge — hotel rooms by the minute.

  • Hotel Tonight — deals on hotels.

  • Uber — goes without saying if you need to get around cities.

  • Dropbox — backup your laptop, phone, and all your files.

  • Touchnote — send postcards from anywhere in minutes. (Use TRISRJ to get $5 off.)

Also, if you are traveling in the United States look into Lyft for quick rides around a city or to and from airports, and Getaround or Turo for renting a local’s car (usually much cheaper than your standard rental car service).

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