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It all started when...

Two teenagers met on a blind double date over a decade ago. We fell in love, moved to San Francisco, and had a wedding festival. After founding and selling two startups and helping a third grow into a Silicon Valley unicorn, we left everything behind to take a sabbatimoon around the world. One-way ticket. No end date. Sharing every milestone and hiccup along the way with our 140K+ followers.

Our aim is to make it the *world's farthest honeymoon* and put it in the Guinness Book of World Records. We started in January 2018 and have already traveled 53K+ miles (85K+ kilometers) — enough to circumnavigate the world 2X — while visiting 5 continents and 40 countries. And that’s just 2018…


  • Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs (Tristan, Danyelle)

  • Forbes 30 Under 30

  • TEDx speakers

  • TV spots on Fox, CNBC, SYFY Channel

  • Written about by New York Times, WSJ, Bloomberg

  • Partnered with The Westin, Minor Hotels, Air New Zealand


  • 140K+ cross-platform followers comprised of 25-44 year-old Silicon Valley celebrities, CEOs and tech entrepreneurs in major U.S. markets (SF, LA, NY)

  • With high engagement and a Klout score of 69.04 (top 5% of all users)

  • Average post on @WeDidThat gains 1K+ direct engagements and is syndicated across all of our channels

  • Up to 60K+ clicks on top blog articles

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